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15 January 2021

Dr Silvia Camporesi is elected to the World Anti-Doping Agency's Expert Ethics Advisory Group

The appointment recognises Dr Camporesi’s international reputation in the fields of biotechnology and bioethics, particularly in relation to performance enhancing drugs in sport.

Silvia Camporesi

I am delighted to have been appointed to the WADA Expert Ethics Advisory Group and I look forward to working together with a terrific team of internationally renowned scholars led by Professor Bartha Maria Knoppers at McGill University

Dr Silvia Camporesi

The World Anti-Doping Agency (more commonly known as WADA) exists to lead sports movements and governments around the world in researching and monitoring doping, while also developing anti-doping capacities and enforcing the World Anti-Doping code.

It was established in 1999 after a doping scandal in the cycling events of the 1998 Olympic Games shook organisers and the public. Since then WADA has enjoyed the support of public and private sporting bodies, inter- and nongovernmental organisations, public authorities and governments in their efforts to combat doping in international sport.

With her interdisciplinary background in biotechnology and bioethics Dr Camporesi, a Senior Lecturer in Bioethics and Society in the Department of Global Health & Social Medicine, can be expected to provide expertise on gene doping and the intersection of ethics, law and sport.

She has published extensively on these matters, writing papers on hyperandrogenism (particularly the Caster Semenya case), genetically testing children for their athletic potential, and other topics in medicine, ethics and sport. Joining her in the group are six other advisors from around the world.

The invitation to join the Expert Ethics Advisory Group is a testament to the importance of Dr Camporesi’s research, the quality of her work and her international reputation in this field of expertise.

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