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23 November 2022

Small care home providers and digitalisation – new report

Caroline Emmer De Albuquerque Green and Palvi Dodhia

digital elements

In a new report, authors Caroline Green and Palvi Dodhia explore the barriers and facilitators in respect of digitalisation for small care home providers. Challenges that were identified included:

  • "Barriers to accessing funding to digitalise. The current system of accessing funding is not considered ‘fit-for-purpose’ and is perceived as adding to care home managers’ and providers’ perception of being constantly ‘red-taped’ rather than supported on this journey.
  • Difficulties in navigating the ‘product maze’ to choose the right solution for their care home, subsequently rolling it out and receiving the right technical support from tech providers;
  • Training and tech-readiness of staff members, who may be concerned about having to adapt to new operating systems."—from the report

This publication

Emmer De Albuquerque Green, C., & Dodhia, P. (2022) Supporting small care home providers and their managers on their journey towards digitalisation. NIHR Policy Research Unit in Health and Social Care Workforce, The Policy Institute, King's College London.

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Caroline Green

Institute for Ethics in AI, University of Oxford