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09 April 2019

Smile Society Raffle at the BDS 3 Halfway Ball

The Smile Society committee did an amazing job of selling raffle tickets at the third year Halfway Ball.

Smile Society at the Ball
Smile Society at the Ball

The Smile Society arranged to sell raffle tickets at the BDS3 Halfway Ball to raise funds for their outreach programmes. Through the raffle they raised £443.50. The non-profit charitable organisation is run by dental students with the aim to improve knowledge of good dental health in the local community.

The outreach programmes include visiting local primary school and special care groups where they deliver interactive Oral Health promotion workshops and hand out goodie bags including toothbrushes and toothpaste and other items, such as toothbrushing charts, 2-minute timers and stickers.

As well as visiting homeless shelters and handing out oral hygiene products (toothbrushes, toothpaste, leaflets and socks), this year they also provided volunteers at Crisis at Christmas mobile dental units over the festive period. The Smile Society members helped at the reception area, and this role involved welcoming guests, taking patient histories and managing paperwork.

Smile Society committee were fortunate to host the raffle courtesy of Fatima Shah Dental Society Ball Secretary Junior who did a spectacular job at organising the third year Halfway Ball and Dental Society.


As treasurer of Smile Society, Gianne Williams organised the raffle, and this involved contacting individual companies and staff members to donate prizes and coordinating the collection and allocation of prizes. They had a lovely range of prizes including 12-month gym membership, £50 Amazon and £75 Selfridges vouchers.  Thanks to all that donated. 


The Smile Society will also be holding another raffle, at their 2nd Annual conference "Not the Usual Drill!", on the 29th of June 2019. They will be tackling the topic of community and innovation in dentistry. 

With experts in the field such as Dr Samit Shah, discussing innovations of Digital Dentistry in the NHS and Dr Ellie Heidari discussing Prison Dentistry.

The conference will be open to dental students from both King's College London and Bart's and London. As well as alumni, staff and dental hygienists from King's College London.