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A series of features and stories highlighting the impact King’s has on the world's greatest challenges and for the benefit of society, working to save and improve lives, enhance the economy, advance discussion and debate, influence policy and shape the cultural landscape.

Normalising the Menopause

Historically menopause has been overlooked and trivialised. Though a natural process, for some women physical and psychological symptoms of menopause can be...

Menopause spotlight

How King's continues to tackle cancer and support cancer care and research

Saturday 4 February marks World Cancer Day. In order to honour this key date, we have highlighted some of the most important cancer-themed stories that have...

Cancer cells

Co-creating new treatments to support autistic young people with depression

Autism is a spectrum of developmental conditions that affect how people communicate and interact with the world around them. At least 78 million people...

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Understanding behaviour during crises

Over the past decade, King’s researchers have navigated the delicate but essential line between providing timely yet rigorous evidence in times of crises....

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Clearing the smoke: the evidence behind vaping

Cigarettes kill over half of their long-term users. The World Health Organisation (WHO) considers the tobacco epidemic to be one of the biggest public health...

New report by King's researchers on vaping in England to inform national policy

A Decade on from the Misogyny Speech

October 2022 marks the 10th anniversary of Julia Gillard’s famous speech on misogyny to the Australian Parliament. A decade later, Julia chairs the Global...

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Where does data come from?

The origin, or 'provenance' of data is important to gaining trust in policies and processes that are data driven.


Reimagining India's health system

Why is that India's voters appear to place curiously little emphasis on health when it comes to voting decisions? Professor Louise Tillin is investigating...

National flag of India

Bridging the global mental health gap

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that 450 million people are affected by mental illness worldwide, contributing to 14% of the global burden of...

Worldwide perspective

Robots and humans working together

The first trial of a Human Support Robot

Human Support Robot Toyota

Balancing choice & autonomy: modernising the Mental Health Act

The Mental Health Act (MHA) is the legislation which covers the care and treatment of people with a serious mental illness. Under this act if a person is...

woman therapy spotlight

Prioritising maternal mental health through research

Mental illness during pregnancy and the first year after childbirth affects one in four mothers. It is known as perinatal mental illness and can include...

Mother making eye contact with her baby

Leading the international effort against doping in sports

The Drug Control Centre (DCC) is King’s flagship anti-doping institute, being the only WADA certified laboratory in the UK and analysing an average of 12,000...

blood test anti-doping flipped

An evidence-based approach to Assisted Dying

How do we clarify the law on Assisted Dying? Research by Professor Penney Lewis has contributed directly to legal changes in Australia and Canada, and...

Assisted Dying 1920x1080 shutterstock_1120183970

Promoting physics worldwide

King's Physicist Dr Bobby Acharya has worked tirelessly to promote physics in African countries