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18 September 2018

Startups in Residence announced!

We're delighted to announce the ventures who will be joining us as Startups in Residence for the King's20 Accelerator 3.0.

Startups in Residence for the King's20 Accelerator 3.0.
Startups in Residence for the King's20 Accelerator 3.0.

At the Entrepreneurship Institute we're committed to nurturing an ever-growing community of inspiring alumni who can pass on their knowledge and expertise to the next generation of entrepreneurial people. That's why, each year we invite a small number of King's20 alumni to stay on in our workspace to act as mentors and role models.

This year, we've chosen 3 teams who have demonstrated particular mentorship ‘superpowers’ in areas important for our new cohort and the enthusiasm and drive to help them flourish. We're delighted that the teams will join us in our central London office space in Bush House.

Beau Nuage

Founders: Aurelien Rinaldi & Antoine Gros

Mentorship superpowers: retail, sales, manufacturing, supply chain

Beau Nuage is an innovative French rain accessories fashion brand. Their main objective is to bring to the market innovative, practical and trendy rain accessories, in line with fashion and current trends.

Beau Nuage's accessories are not just simple products, they are concepts, inspired by innovation, practicality and fashion. They created the first high quality umbrella with its own drying cover, and the first anti-theft and waterproof backpack, entirely made in France.

Already in 100 retail sites across Europe, they now have sold over 10,000 products and generated £300,000 revenue since summer 2017.

Project Access

Founders: Emil Bender Lassen & Anna Gross

Mentorship superpowers:operations, HR & culture, scale, social enterprise

Project Access uses scalable online mentoring to level the playing field in admissions to the UK’s top universities.

A state school student is six times less likely to go to a Russell Group University than a privately-educated student, even when they have the same grades. Current interventions are focused on raising attainment, rather than support through the application itself.

Project Access offers online mentorship to disadvantaged applicants to increase their likelihood of successfully applying to a selective university. Applicants are identified by their schools and then matched with current university students who then guide them through the application process – from entrance exams to mock interviews.

So far, they have mentored over 2,000 applicants and recruited 3,000 volunteer mentors. They have won a wide range of awards, from the WeWork Creator Award and Oxford Hub Impact Award, to the InTeahouse Pitch Competition, Santander Student Impact Award and the David Walsh Scholarship.


Founder: Mark Corbett

Mentorship superpowers: sales, pitching and public speaking, coaching, education

Edvent help make work skills an education. Their data-driven development platform transforms the development of students employability skills and opportunities.

50 per cent of recruiters believe students leave university totally unprepared for the world of work. With one in four graduates leaving within two years, despite recruiters spending £7,500 to get them through the door, this is a system that simply isn't working.

Edvent’s platform transforms student employability, enabling universities to prove their value and ensuring companies enhance their bottom line with each recruit. They measure students’ 21st Century skills, provide gamified learning, and unique recruitment opportunities with our partners.

They have already made almost £100,000 in revenue from 13 clients and 500 prepaid users, and have a pipeline of 20 warm corporate leads and a further 10 universities waiting for a full product demo.