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04 April 2019

Stem Cell Hotel open for booking

When a person checks into a hotel what do they require? Water, food, warmth, oxygen, shelter and interaction with others. Stem cells have the same basic requirements.

Stem Cell Hotel
Stem Cell Hotel

Welcome to the Stem Cell Hotel - where researchers from the Centre for Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine (CSCRM) provide the optimal homely environment for the stem cells they work on.

The Stem Cell Hotel provides dedicated laboratory space for collaborative studies of genotype/phenotype interactions in cells from healthy individuals and disease cohorts.

Stem cell hotel
Stem cell hotel

In the newly erected installation (pictured) is a recreation of a human hotel populated by stem cells, with microscopic images of stem cells as if they were living in the hotel.

This installation was initially created to be part of the exhibition UTOPIA 2016 exhibition, a contemporary glimpse of present work being carried out across the Health Faculties at King’s College London in celebration of the 500th anniversary of Thomas More’s inspirational text “Utopia”.

The UTOPIA 2016 exhibition was about imagination and new possibilities, where researchers from CSCRM came together and collaborated with architects and artists to create a dedicated space centred around stem cell research.

Since the discovery of stem cells several decades ago, advanced procedures have been developed to culture cells in vitro. What was once a utopic dream, is now brought to life and stem cell technology is constantly offering improving new tools to maintain and reprogram stem cells. These new insights are valuable tools to study diseases, discover drugs and develop cell therapies.

The Stem Cell Hotel is a cross-media installation an appreciation for this fascinating field and its applications.

The installation was created by Dr Inês Sequeira along with Chloe Hurling, Davide Danovi all from CSCRM, Felicity Hurling (Architect) and Flavia D’Amico (exhibition designer).

Welcome you to our Stem Cell Hotel! We'd like to share our enthusiasm for this fascinating field and its applications, and discuss how university researchers can work together with hospitals, industry and the public towards a science centered around the needs of patients

Dr Inês Sequeira, Centre for Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine

For further information about the Stem Cell Hotel please click here.

This installation has the kind support of King’s Cultural Centre, Miltenyi and Promega.

Cell Culture Hood courtesy of ThermoFisher Scientific.