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14 March 2019

Student Launch Event at Bush House

Global Health Ambassadors organise the King's Global Institute Students' Launch event

Global Health Ambassadors 2019
Bush House Student Launch Event 2019

The newly appointed Global Health Ambassadors organised the King's Global Institute Students' Launch event, which took place in February in Bush House.

With the thought-provoking question, 'Is global health a modern form of imperialism?', it was up to the invited panellists - Dr Suveer Sachdeva: PhD student in the Department of Craniofacial Development and Stem Cell Biology; Zsófia Szlamka: PhD candidate in loPPN; Dr Carlo Caduff: Department of Social Science, Health and Medicine; Dr Ed Gomez: Department of International Development; Temitope Fiyaso: KCL Medical School; Beauty Dhlamini: BA Global Health and Social Medicine - to debate, with the wider audience, the dynamics of whether this was the case.  By far, the vote was yes.

There was seen to be a lack of equal opportunity in global health careers, with most opportunities restricted to elite university students.

Keep up to date with the students' activities by following them at @KGHI_Amb and also through the King's Global Health Institute at @KingsGHI