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20 March 2023

Student workshop part of report presented to national leaders

A workshop hosted by the School of Politics and Economics saw students contribute to a report that was presented to President Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak at the recent UK-France summit.

Students took part in the workshop at King's in February. Picture: FRANCO BRITISH COUNCIL

The workshop was held at King’s College London on 1 February and students from across the school were given the opportunity to discuss ideas across three key areas: cultural exchange and mobility, innovation and entrepreneurship, and climate change.

The discussions were then summarised for a report, collated by the Franco-British Young Leaders group, and presented to the two leaders at the Elysee Palace in France during the summit, which took place on 10 March.

The Young Leaders group also held policy workshops in partnership with the UK government’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, with Dr Melissa Pawelski, a lecturer in French and European Studies at King’s, helping to facilitate.

In a joint-declaration issued following the summit, the two leaders announced new measures which covered the areas of discussion led by students and Young Leaders across their sessions.


You can read the report here.