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22 February 2023

Students establish new interdisciplinary journal

The Department of Theology and Religious Studies is delighted to announce The Journal for Interdisciplinary Theology.

trs journal1

The new journal, founded by Giorgia O’Donoghue in partnership with Annie McCormack, both of whom are MA students in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies, aims to aid the exploration of the important interdisciplinary nature of the field of theology and religious studies.

It is my hope that this new journal can contribute to the intellectual community of an already flourishing department. I am particularly invested in encouraging new experimental ways of academic writing and approaching academic contributions. I am excited to hear from a broad range of creative and intellectual voices.

Giorgia O’Donoghue, Masters's Student in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies| Editor and Founder

The journal will be a place for experimental forms of academic writing that may not be found in traditional journals. It will encourage submissions from multiple disciplines, including but not limited to:​ Anthropology, Biblical Studies, Feminist Studies, History and Historical Criticism, Gender Studies, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Politics, Queer Studies, Sociology, The Arts and Theology​

The student-run project seeks to encourage interested students to begin exploring what it would be like to go through a journal publishing process and established academics alike.

This is an exciting opportunity to offer students of many different fields an opportunity to enter the world of being published. Not only will it give voices to those students, but it will allow them to learn more about the academic publishing process.

Annie McCormack | Masters's Student in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies | Editor

In celebration of the first issue of the new journal, submissions on the themes of creation and beginnings will be especially encouraged. This prompt has often been the origin of many literary, artistic, philosophical, and theological masterpieces. Funded by the Department of Theology and Religious Studies, the journal will also be available in a select amount of print copies. 

About The Editors/Founders

Giorgia O’Donoghue | Editor and Founder | Pronouns: She/Her

Giorgia O’Donoghue is Masters's Student in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies. In 2020 she founded the Religion Outside the University Seminar Program to provide an opportunity to hear from experts in their field on topics associated broadly with religion and for those interested in a career in Academia to explore research areas of interest and work on seminar facilitation confidence. After the success of the ROU Project, Giorgia, along with Annie McCormack established the Journal for Interdisciplinary Theology.She has a keen interest in exploring interdisciplinary academia in a creative and not necessarily traditional format, with the aim of encouraging new and emerging talent. As a Dyslexic academic, Giorgia is determined even more so to encourage neuro-diverse voices. ​Her research focuses are in Metaphilosophy, Literature, the Arts and the Human Condition

Annie McCormack | Editor and Co-Creator | Pronouns: She/They

Annie is a queer feminist theologian with a keen interest in Hebrew Bible studies as well as studies of material culture in ancient Mesopotamia/Western Asia. Annie’s work is informed by their grounding in queer politics and socialist-Marxist perspectives. Their passion is in widening outlooks within theology and also interacting with wider disciplines and real-life subjects, as well as interacting with oneself when one does theology. Annie also has a background in film theory and criticism.

Their research interests are in queer studies, feminist interpretation, Hebrew bible, ancient Israelite culture, socialist interpretation.

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