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22 May 2018

Students explore criminology in 'Fictional Crimes' video project

Four undergraduate students at The Dickson Poon School of Law have launched a video project using fictional crimes in popular films and television shows to explore various aspects of criminology.

Fictional Crimes series image by
Fictional Crimes series image by

Audrey Ruppert, Jana Quahe, Rosie Allen and Liam Holohan started the Fictional Crimes YouTube series in 2017, showcasing their animation and production skills alongside their studies in law. Taking storylines from TV shows like Game of Thrones and Black Mirror, they present the legal implications and ramifications of characters' actions, describing how the case might play out in a court of law.

Audrey Ruppert started the project with the aim of raising public awareness around legal issues. "I thought centering legal discussions around people's favourite TV shows would be a perfect way to get the public interested in law, and to help people realise how fascinating the subject really is," she said. "The project has helped my studies enormously because I have to conduct detailed research for the scripts, and fact check the details with professors."

View the 'Fictional Crimes' video series on their YouTube channel.