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23 March 2023

Students take lead on careers event series

A series of careers-focussed events that engaged hundreds of students across the School of Politics and Economics was organised and managed by a team of Student Engagement Ambassadors (SEA).

One of the careers events organised by the SEA team. Picture: CONTRIBUTED

Running throughout February and March, the series included career-themed events on diversity, finance and economics, the civil service, law, overcoming failure and unconventional sectors.

Special guests for the events included alumni from the School of Politics and Economics, industry representatives and academics, with more than 200 students attending over the course of the series.

The theme of the series was devised by a team of 10 student ambassadors, who also worked on event planning, identifying guests, promotion, and delivery. The group are part of a wider network of 40 SEAs who have been working on projects with the school’s student engagement team since September.

Manraj Jaswal, a member of the SEA team, said: “Having already been involved as a Student Engagement Ambassador with the school, I was familiar with the kinds of insightful and useful events that are run. However, when I and a few other colleagues was given the task of coming up with a student-led careers initiative, it was an exciting opportunity we all wanted to deliver on.

“Personally, a refreshing part of working as a careers ambassador was the perfect blend of autonomy given to us by the experienced senior staff, yet also helpful advice whenever we needed it.”

And another team member, Ayush Shrestha, said: “As ambassadors, we curate our initiatives, so they are relatable to students across King’s. Ultimately, it has been a pleasure contributing and making real positive impacts for the growth and development of fellow students."

SEA Lily Hardcastle added: “'It's been exciting to be involved with careers initiatives within the School of Politics and Economics, and I'm proud of what we've come up with. As a final-year student it's been amazing to use my experience at King's to set up the events and initiatives that I wish I'd had access to.”

Members of the team are: Manraj Jaswal, Ayush Shrestha, Lusin Melikyan, Lily Hardcastle, Annija Dimanta, Rengoni Bhuyan, Vittoria Campos Melro, Clara Goilav, Hanna Tarazi-Baron and Andrea Tonon.

If you are interested in joining the SEA team, keep an eye out for e-mails from the SPE Student Engagement team as recruitment for the next academic year will begin soon.