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08 July 2021

Shots for Hope: Enter our sustainability photo competition

Helena Fazeli

Send in your photos for the chance to see them displayed in The Exchange

shallow focus photography of person holding camera lens

Feeling inspired? Enter your photos

What gives you hope for the future?

Shots for Hope seeks to use photography as a force for hope.

Send in a photo taken anywhere in the world that presents a hopeful message on sustainability and relates to one of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

For each SDG, one photo submission will be selected by a judging panel. The winning photographs will be displayed in the Exchange Gallery in Bush House.

Get inspired by with some of the entries we have already received.

'The Cyclist' - Deepak Anand (London, UK)

The Cyclist - Deepak Anand

The high-quality safer cycle routes have contributed a huge boost in cycling. This hopefully will transform London into a healthier, cleaner and sustainable city for everyone. This photograph represents a working professional cycling along the designated cycle routes in London thereby promoting sustainable travel.

Deepak Anand, student in the faculty of Law

'Kautuk’s Garden’ - Kautuk Abhay Chaddha (London, UK)

Kautuk’s Garden - Kautuk Abhay Chaddha, staff member

Being a novice home gardener, I saw my petunia flowers being chewed completely by snails. They managed to eat everything until the roots. However, instead of losing hope and throwing away the plant (and replotting it with something else), I chose to rehouse the snails and continue caring for the petunia. I am so happy to see that they were resilient to grow. Their resiliency of sustaining life gave me hope and optimism. I chose this photograph because this was a direct result of allowing the nature to just be - and it very quickly healed itself.

Kautuk Abhay Chaddha, staff member (London, UK)

‘Sheep’ - Mark Paul (Chatsworth House, Derbyshire, UK)

‘Sheep’ - Mark Paul

This photograph showcases the sustainable farming practices that continue to be employed by many farmers across England. This land, in Derbyshire, has been used to graze sheep for thousands of years, and very little has changed in that time. In recognition of that long and unchanged history, I shot the photo using a Canon film camera from the 1970s, using Black and White film made by Ilford.

Mark Paul, student in the faculty of Arts & Humanities

Shots for Hope is a King’s Sustainability project, in collaboration with King’s Cultural Community, KCLSU and Project X.

Helena Fazeli is a Sustainability Engagement Assistant