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10 May 2022

The ACTION Final Conference

The future of citizen science: two days of networking and sharing

image of promotional poster for the action online conference

Led by Professor of Computer Science Elena Simperl, ACTION was a three-year programme funded through the European Union’s Horizon 2020 framework, dedicated to transforming the way we do citizen science (CS) today: from a mostly scientist-led process to a more participatory, inclusive, citizen-led one, which acknowledges the diversity of the CS landscape and of the challenges CS teams have to meet as their project evolves.

ACTION applied a citizen science approach to tackling pollution; one of the greatest threats to human health and wellbeing of our times, killing more people than smoking, hunger, natural disasters, war and infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS and coronavirus.

It was implemented by ten research and third-sector organisations, universities, institutes and SMEs, working together with 16 on-the-ground citizens science pilots tackling major forms of pollution.

On 24th and 25th November 2021 ACTION held its final conference in collaboration with the EU-Citizen Science project. The future of citizen science: sharing experiences from the European community was a great opportunity for reciprocal learning and for meeting new persons with over 160 participants.

Over the course of the ACTION project, several resources were developed that are interesting for the scientific community, citizen scientists, decision-makers and funding agencies and the public at large. These include academic outputs such as research deliverables, scientific articles, and webinars as well as dissemination resources such as videos and other information materials about the project.

You can access the resources here.

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