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31 May 2023

The capacity to act...

Opening the door for people with hidden disabilities and differences


Two hundred and twenty-five participants joined an HSCWRU webinar today to discuss ‘The capacity to act ... opening the door for people with hidden disabilities and differences’. Senior Social Worker and Safeguarding Lead Ellie Atkins shared the findings of her NHS Research & Development Internship, which explored the relevance of executive functioning assessments to work with people experiencing homelessness or rough sleeping who have complex needs.

The event discussion, questions and reflections from practice included health, social care, probation and homelessness sector perspectives.

A short film (YouTube; 13 mins) summarises Ellie’s presentation. Slides from today are on the event page.

PhD student at King's, Carolin Hess, writes about the webinar on the blog: Tracing the significance of executive functioning among people experiencing homelessness.

Follow Ellie Atkins on Twitter.

The next event in this series, convened by Jess Harris within the HSCWRU Homelessness Research Programme, will examine drug and housing interventions for people experiencing homelessness.

Absolutely fantastic - I am now so inspired to share this with other agencies and colleagues


Amazingly informative! and thanks for presenting it in such a relatable and personable way that I could actually understand


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