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07 February 2022

The Education Innovation Fund Opens for Applications

Applications for the Education Innovation Fund are now open, and the submission deadline is 11 March 2022. 

education innovation fund

The Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine aims to support and encourage staff to enhance their teaching in order to enrich the experience of both our students and teachers.

The ‘Education Innovation Fund’ provides funding to enable staff who teach to undertake an educational project. For example, a project may aim to:

  • Support the development of a research proposal
  • Investigate and improve curriculum delivery
  • Teaching and assessment practices
  • Create an educational resource
  • Trial a new approach to teaching
  • Undertake reviews of literature to inform teaching

Additionally, the fund will consider small education research projects that address local, faculty or College priorities.

Costings - what is allowed?

This year we have been given matching funding from the Faculty to allow projects of up to £10,000 to collect data to support the development of a research proposal.

Additionally, the Fund will consider:

  • Small education research projects that address local, faculty or university priorities – maximum £4000.

Eligible costs: Equipment for the project, research assistant supports (typically part-time), travel (appropriate to undertaking the project), consumables (materials you need but do not have, to undertake your project).

Ineligible costs: Computers, international travel, recurring costs such as licences for software, projects that support individual UG, PGT or doctoral students’ studies, conference attendance.

Equipment needed to support core teaching is funded separately and is not funded within the Innovation Fund. 

Students working within Innovation Funded projects cannot use or build upon this work as part of their degree programme. We cannot employ students to study towards their degree!

Involving students in your project: the College Rate of approx. £12 hr should be applied.

Transcription costs: £8 per thousand words + vat. Estimate 1 hour of digital audio time is approximately 9000 – 10000 words.
Based on ‘The Typing Works’ business. Adele Herson :

Please note - an applicant can only lead on one proposal but can contribute to others.

Application Process and Timeline

Applications will be considered by an internal panel. The submission deadline for all project proposals is 11 March 2022. Please submit these to:

During week commencing 28 March 2022, applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application.

Whilst we encourage applications from partner NHS Trust staff who teach on our programmes, applications must be submitted jointly with a Faculty staff member.

Projects that are successful must start the project within this academic year.

Completion of a project funded from £1000 and upwards will be expected to write a brief report within a year from the project start date as stated in the application form and projects funded £4000 and above will be expected to present and discuss their project as part of the ‘Centre for Education Seminars’ and will be encouraged to present at the College Learning and Teaching Conference.

Projects funded for less than £1000 will not be expected to write a report.

For advice on any aspect of the process please contact: or