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01 February 2022

The Garden of Emotions opens at Science Gallery London, Guy's Campus

A new relaxed and playful indoor garden where students can drop in, chill out and find focus during a busy day

Photo of the Garden of Emotion pop-up space at Science Gallery London

The Garden of Emotions is a physical and emotional oasis, which is located within an informal learning space on the ground floor of Science Gallery London at Guy’s Campus. The pop-up space features vibrant and scented plants which will continue to grow across the space’s lifespan, as well as ambient natural sounds to promote relaxation, mindfulness and calm.

We all need to find ways to balance the stress of our busy lives - we hope the Garden of Emotions will provide a moment of calm and connection for students. It’s the first in a series of initiatives exploring the positive impact of art and creative approaches to young people’s mental health and wellbeing in collaboration with the King’s Student Mental Health Strategy. Let us know how you find it and look out for more.

Beatrice Pembroke, Executive Director, Culture at King’s College London

The space aims to provide a peaceful place for students to relax as individuals or connect in pairs or small groups by using the questions and conversation prompts that are dotted throughout the space’s tables and walls – promoting personal reflection as well as conversation. There is also space to contribute positive affirmations and responses to the questions posed within the space on handmade affirmation cards, which can be left behind for other students or taken away for personal use.

The Garden encourages students to reflect on self-care and wellbeing and signposts to playlists and other resources which they can access using QR codes. The collection is designed to provide emotional support and information from within King’s community as well as external support services.

King's Culture has curated a series of events and workshops to accompany the Garden of Emotions, partnering with KCLSU societies and groups such as ThinkMental Society, Wholesome Society, Plant Society, Meditation Society and the Positive Peers.

The Garden of Emotions has been created for King's by The Liminal Space. All plants in the Garden have been chosen and donated by Plant Designs and the sounds of nature in the garden have been produced by Radio Lento. Paper folding activities within the garden have been designed by artist Les Bicknell.

The Garden of Emotions workshops and events

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