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20 July 2023

The Homelessness Social Worker role - challenges & impact

Research Fellow Jess Harris reported from an NIHR School for Social Care Research study

Person rough sleeping on a park bench

Over 170 participants joined an HSCWRU Homelessness Series webinar to hear and discuss new findings from an NIHR School for Social Care Research (SSCR) funded project which has been Evidencing the social work role within responses to multiple exclusion homelessness. It has explored the impact, experiences and support needs of the specialist homelessness social worker role and system barriers that may need to be overcome. The project, led by Jess Harris, builds on the findings of the Unit’s SSCR funded Adult safeguarding, homelessness and self-neglect study. Participants shared their own experiences and made connections with peers across the country.

The slides from this event are available on the event page. Forthcoming webinars in this series are here.

Brilliant presentation - very interesting and thought provoking - thank you - lots of points for further discussion and development.

Attendee at the webinar

Great presentation with practical ideas and supportive attitudes towards people experiencing homelessness (and the people involved with) trying to support them.

Attendee at the webinar

Many thanks for the informative session, it has motivated me to delve deeper with clients who may be at risk of homelessness and push for more support for them.

Attendee at the meeting

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