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07 February 2017

The Truth about George III: George Papers Project Launched

The Georgian Papers project – led by King's historians

The Georgian Papers project – led by King’s historians as well as archivists and technicians at the Royal Archivesand Royal Collection Trust– launched this week. The project offers a window into the life, reign and times of George III, the ‘mad’ king who lost America. The project uses 21st century technology to digitise intimate letters between The King and Queen Charlotte, Household bills, menus, as well as copious letters between The King and his government, his many essays – including on despotism – meticulous, detailed notes about the war in America, and lucid, calm letters to family during his bouts of illness all of which are now available to view online. The launch featured specially commissioned BBC Two documentary George III – The Genius of the Mad King which featured King’s historian Prof Arthur Burns. Prof Burns noted that the papers reveal there’s more to George III than insabity and imperial crisis: they show how George III's exercise of Kingship reflected his strong sense of commitment to the nation and both self-examination and serious reflection on what it means to be a 'good King'.

Read more about King’s contribution at the Georgian Papers Programme website.