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04 May 2018

The Wellcome Trust Teeth Exhibition

The Dental Institute used to display cutting edge technology at the The Wellcome Trust Teeth Exhibition.

17 May - 16 September

From vampires and tooth fairies to barber-surgeons and professional dentists, Wellcome Collection’s summer exhibition will trace the evolution of our relationship with our teeth and what they say about us. Opening in May 2018, TEETH will feature over 150 objects, including cartoons and caricatures, protective amulets, toothpaste advertisements and a range of chairs, drills and training tools.

It will be the first exhibition to chart the history of the profession that has shaped the way we live with, or without, our teeth. It will draw on the rich collections assembled by Henry Wellcome, alongside loans from key Northern European collections including the substantial holdings of the British Dental Association in London.

Footage from the Dental Institute will feature in the exhibition, showing Dr Rupert Austin demonstrating how to use digital technology to scan the head and mouth, inside and out, creating 3D datasets of soft tissue, bone and teeth combined to form a virtual patient.

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