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21 October 2022

Thirty-four IoPPN academics awarded academic promotions

Congratulations to the 34 academics in the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN) who were awarded academic promotions during the 2021-22 year.


Across the faculty there are 10 new Professors, 15 new Readers and nine new Senior Lecturers:


  • Esther Bell, Professor of Bioscience Education
  • Kimberley Goldsmith, Professor of Medical Statistics and Complex Intervention Methodology
  • Charlotte Hanlon, Professor of Global Mental Health
  • Rosalind Henderson, Professor of Public Mental Health
  • Eva Loth, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Valeria Mondelli, Professor of Psychoneuroimmunology
  • Rosalyn Moran, Professor of Theoretical Neurobiology
  • Deepak Srivastava, Professor of Molecular Neuroscience
  • Lucia Valmaggia, Professor of Clinical Psychology
  • Roland Zahn, Professor of Mood Disorders & Cognitive Neuroscience


  • Dr Laura Andreae, Reader in Developmental Neuroscience
  • Dr Ioannis Bakolis, Reader in Biostatistics and Epidemiology
  • Dr Matteo Cella, Reader in Clinical Psychology
  • Dr Jan Hoffmann, Clinical Reader in Neurology
  • Dr Philip Holland, Reader in Neuroscience
  • Dr Vanessa Lawrence, Reader in Qualitative Social Sciences
  • Dr Thomas McAdams, Reader in Psychopathology and Behavioural Genetics
  • Dr Timothy Nicholson, Reader in Neuropsychiatry
  • Dr Yannis Paloyelis, Reader in Neuroscience and Psychology
  • Dr Mario Pereira Juruena, Reader in Translational Psychiatry
  • Dr Ivana Rosenzweig, Reader in the Neuroscience of Sleep
  • Dr Marc-David Ruepp, Reader in RNA Biology and Molecular Neurodegeneration
  • Dr Charlotte Russell, Reader in Cognitive Neuropsychology
  • Dr Latha Velayudhan, Reader in Ageing and Dementia Studies
  • Dr Eamonn Walsh, Reader in Neuroscience Education

Senior Lecturer

  • Dr Kia-Chong Chua
  • Dr Hannah Dickson
  • Dr Myanna Duncan
  • Dr Zina Ibrahim
  • Dr Younbok Lee
  • Dr Stuart Ritchie
  • Dr Whitney Scott
  • Dr James Shearer
  • Dr Caroline Vance