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06 October 2023

TransCampus Dean awarded Freedom of the City of London

Dean of TransCampus, Professor Stefan Bornstein has been invited to become a member of the Freedom of the City of London, an honour given in recognition of an individual’s exceptional service to society.

Freedom of the city TransCampus

Professor Dr. Stefan Bornstein, who is also Director of Internal Medicine at the University Hospital at the Technical University of Dresden, received the award at a ceremony in London for his commitment to the development of the transCampus, a unique UK-German partnership between King's and the Technical University of Dresden.

The transCampus partnership includes joint professorships, administrative structures and training programmes for students from the different faculties of the two universities, creating a truly international community of Fellows and students, working together in various fields of medicine, biology, technology, engineering and communication sciences.

Freedom of the City TransCampus 2

I am delighted to be receiving this award, which is not only a personal distinction, but reflects a special appreciation of the successful transCampus project, in which many eminent scientists in England, Germany and beyond have participated.

Professor Stefan Bornstein, Dean of TransCampus

Honorary citizenship of London has existed since the 13th century and originally enabled recipients, who were also required to join a Livery company, to carry out their trade in London. Whilst this practical element no longer applies, the City of London has maintained the Freedom as a living tradition.

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