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11 December 2017

Transnational Law Summer Institute takes place in Australia

The Transnational Law Summer Institute took place this year in Australia as part of a partnership with UNSW Law.

TLSI Fellows 2017
TLSI Fellows 2017

This month, the Transnational Law Summer Institute took place in Australia as part of the PLUS alliance network of universities working together on international projects and partnerships. The 6-day workshop was jointly hosted by the Transnational Law Institute at The Dickson Poon School of Law with UNSW Law School at the University of New South Wales Sydney.

The Institute offered advanced doctoral students and early-career academics workshops on reading, writing and teaching at the interdisciplinary boundaries of law and globalisation. It gave early career scholars and experienced lawyers an opportunity to develop their ideas on research and civic engagement with feedback from their peers and world-renowned experts.

Professor Peer Zumbansen, Director of the Transnational Law Institute, described the third iteration of the Institute as, "a unique opportunity to collaborate with colleagues and other early career researchers and teachers," before going on to highlight the importance of the programme's focus on inequality. 

"This year’s theme 'Inequality: Reproduction, Alienation & Intervention' was chosen to make a timely contribution to an evolving global discussion about the growing economic and political divide and the role of lawyers to resist and transform current trends of exclusion and marginalisation."

Professor Fleur Johns, Associate Dean at UNSW Law, also noted the Intitute's prescience, describing the programme as, "a wonderful site of dialogue and debate around the challenges of rising inequality and how we might grapple with these in teaching, writing, thought and activism."

"It’s been a privilege to collaborate with the Transnational Law Summer Institute on this, and to enjoy a week-long discussion with researchers from many different countries and fields."

Basile Chartier, a student at the Institute, described it as "a perfect mix of passion and expertise, an invitation to think outside the box about issues of global concern. It is a unique chance to open our minds to new ideas, in new ways, with new people, in a friendly and inspiring atmosphere."

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