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14 December 2020

Two CEDACORE Project Wins

The CEDACORE collaboration has notched up two research prizes- in the UK and in Brazil, ending this year on a high note.


Dr. Risha Sanghvi an MSc in Paediatric Dentistry at King’s College London has won the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry Research Prize. With a project entitled: “Evaluating the cost-effectiveness of retaining compromised first permanent molars in children” she was supervised by Dr. Mark Pennington, Dr. Aline Neves, Prof. Avijit Banerjee and Prof. Marie Therese Hosey and is part of “Children Experiencing Dental Anxiety Collaboration on Research and Education" research portfolio (CEDACORE). The competition was held on September 17th 2020… virtually of course. It is the second time in a row that a King’s College London student has won this award… Dr Reham Alharatani was the winner in 2019.

Two other MSc projects also contributed data towards Risha’s prize-winning research study. Dr. Yen Chan surveyed general opinions of King’s College staff members on different treatment options for compromised first permanent molars in children, while Dr. Aisling Cant investigated the health economics model with the value (utilities) placed by patients on these treatments that informed Risha’s project. Mona Agel (ACF) also undertook some early work within this theme.

In Brazil, the Research Prize in Paediatric Dentistry, during the virtual Brazilian IADR division meeting (SBPqO) was won by a study on caries patterns in hypomineralised molars, supervised by Dr. Aline Neves, who is currently on secondment to King’s College London from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Dr Neves was also awarded one of the 2020 GC IADR Centennial Travel Awards.

The CEDACORE collaboration has been established in 2017, during a workshop funded by the Newton Fund (UK) and CAPES (Brazil), with the aim to connect senior and early career researchers in the field of paediatric/restorative dentistry with the aim to make elective dental treatments for children more comfortable.

Several papers have already been published on the different aspects of the CEDACORE collaboration, including:

Costa LR, Heidari E, Banerjee A, Newton T, Hosey MT, Daher A. A curriculum for behaviour and oral healthcare management for dentally anxious children - recommendations from the Children Experiencing Dental Anxiety: Collaboration on Research and Education (CEDACORE). International Journal of Paediatric Dentistry, 30(5):556-569, 2020.

Correâ-Faria P, Viana KA, Raggio DP, Hosey MT, Costa LR. Recommended procedures for the management of early childhood caries lesions-A scoping review by the Children Experiencing Dental Anxiety: Collaboration on Research and Education (CEDACORE). BMC Oral Health, 20(1):75, 2020.

Gomes HS, Viana KA, Batista AC, Costa LR, Hosey MT, Newton T. Cognitive behaviour therapy for anxious paediatric dental patients: A systematic review. International Journal of Paediatric Dentistry, 28:422-431, 2018.

Finally, appearing in the second Minimum Intervention-themed issue of the British Dental Journal (229(7)), guest-edited by Prof Banerjee, the paper entitled:

“MI” judgement calls: managing compromised first permanent molars in children - restore or extract?”, authored by Reem Alkhalaf, Dr. Aline de Almeida Neves, Prof.Avijit Banerjee and Prof. Marie Therese Hosey.


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