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23 June 2015

UK universities under scrutiny over China ties

The Financial Times has published today an article highlighting the involvement of two UK universities with BAMTRI, a Chinese entity accused by the US government of involvement in proliferation. The US Department of Commerce has stated that BAMTRI is a supplier to Iran’s ballistic missile programme via the notorious Chinese proliferator Li Fang Wei.

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To help universities navigate the complex compliance requirements involved in these sorts of scenarios, the Association of University Legal Practitioners and Project Alpha have produced a guidance document on export controls and the UK Government’s student vetting scheme (ATAS).

In April, the UK Mission to the United Nations submitted this guide to the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1540 Committee for publication as an example of an effective practice for implementation of the requirements of Resolution 1540, which requires states to implement measures to prevent proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

The Alpha/AULA guide on export controls can be downloaded HERE.

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