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25 March 2024

Unique show brings fresh perspective to climate crisis

A unique show that blended climate science, comedy and a call to action struck a chord with an audience at King’s College London.

Dr Matt Winning appeared at King's on 7 March. Picture: SPE

The Department of Political Economy welcomed Dr Matt Winning, an environmental economist, for his innovative show Hot Mess – which blends stand-up comedy with serious discussion about the climate crisis and the politics of change.

The show builds on the work carried out by Dr Winning in his book, HOT MESS: What on Earth can we do about Climate Change?

The show took place on 7 March at King’s and saw students and academics given the opportunity to put questions to Dr Winning, enjoy some comedy and a networking session too.

Dr Tomas Maltby, a reader in international politics, said: “It was a great privilege to welcome Matt to King’s and to enjoy his unique approach to bringing climate science and the worrying trends we are seeing globally to the forefront in an accessible way.”

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Dr. Tomas Maltby

Reader in International Politics