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27 October 2023

Unit self-neglect studies present findings at Trinity College Dublin

Nicole Steils and Jess Harris were invited speakers at international adult safeguarding conference

Trinity College Dublin

At the Inaugural International Adult Safeguarding Conference at Trinity College Dublin today, HSCWRU researchers Nicole Steils and Jess Harris presented and discussed findings from two recently completed NIHR School for Social Care Research funded studies to over 50 participants; on Social care responses to self-neglect and hoarding among older people and on Adult safeguarding, homelessness and self-neglect.

The conference brought together presentations from the WHO, members of the Irish Senate and European Parliament, the Law Reform Commission, Safeguarding Ireland and speakers from Scotland and Germany. All presentations will be online shortly on the Trinity College Dublin conference website.

Both of these studies are in their dissemination phase, with final reports forthcoming. See all Unit adult safeguarding studies.

The slides from Jess and Nicole are available, as is a recording which includes a presentation by Jill Manthorpe.

Header image: Trinity College Dublin

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