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09 June 2020

Virtual Undergraduate Poster Presentation Day

Celebrating undergraduate research during the pandemic

Virtual Undergraduate Poster Presentation Day
Virtual Undergraduate Poster Presentation Day

Each year the Faculty of Dentistry, Oral & Craniofacial Sciences hosts a Poster Project Presentation Day for it’s first year BDS students. With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing the closure of many of the offices and teaching spaces at King’s College London, this year the event was held completely online for the first time with a bespoke virtual gallery created by the faculty’s iTEL team.

The BDS1 Poster Project offers first year dental students the opportunity to research the scientific evidence underlying dentistry. The event is an in-course assessment; students grade their peers and tutors follow up with their feedback. Two winning groups are chosen, one nominated by the students and the other selected by staff.

Posters are displayed in the virtual hub with a comments section for students and peers to ask questions and engage with the research. Each poster was accompanied by an audio recording of the student presenting their research.

The virtual hub proved a success with some posters showing over 300 views during the event. Congratulations to the two winners of the BDS Poster Project Day.

I am so proud of the fantastic presentations and research that our first years have demonstrated; they are the future of oral research. And the innovation in facilitating this event by the faculty staff and iTEL team - world class.

Professor Kim Piper, Dean for Education

Said Dr Isabelle Miletich, course organiser for the Poster Project and Progress Lead for BDS Year 1: “During this hard time of COVID-19 I have been so impressed by our first-year students who have embraced remote team work and made the Presentation Days a success by producing fantastic presentations and engaging with peers and staff in the virtual hub.

“As a member of staff, it has also been incredibly satisfying and inspiring to collaborate with poster tutors and iTEL to adapt and innovate. Everyone has been incredibly supportive, and this has helped us grow our professional competencies.”

The winning groups from the BDS1 Poster Project are:

Neha Patel, Samantha Banks, Shaun Thomas, Ryan Bemani-Naeini, Fiza Nawaz, Noor Huda, Karam Rooprai for ‘Stem Cells in Clinical Dentistry’

Zahreen Syed, Zoha Gill, Priscilla Williams, Pankti Patel, Hana Abdulkadir, Ekaterina Makukha and Ayesha Zubair for ‘Urgent Dental Care Pathways in London for Under 16’s’