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16 March 2022

WATCH: Europe's Russian Energy Crisis

A chance to rewatch this King's Russia event again in full

Europe has become reliant on Russian energy. Picture: STOCK IMAGE

Energy has been fundamental in Russia’s relations with Europe for decades. Oil and gas exports have been indispensable for the Russian economy as well.

Amidst proliferation of economic sanctions against Russia, the future of Russian energy supplies to Europe has suddenly emerged at the spotlight. Can Russia use energy as a tool to reach its broader objectives in its war on Ukraine? Can Europe respond effectively and move away from its decades-long dependence on Russian gas? Are we headed towards a major energy crisis? How will the war in Ukraine affect Europe’s drive towards decarbonization and Russia’s place in the global economy?

The King's Russia Institute considered these issues at a roundtable event hosted on 14 March, 2022. Dr Adnan Vatansever, acting director of the Russia Institute, was joined by John Roberts (Natural Gas Europe/Methinks Ltd), and Dr Marc Berenson (King's College London).

Watch here

You can rewatch the event again in full here

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