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21 April 2021

What can be done to revive London's image?

London; the political and economic powerhouse and beating cultural heart of the nation. So why does it so sharply divide opinion?

London landscape
A bird's eye view of London.

For centuries, London has stood accused of sucking the lifeblood from cities and regions around the UK, greedily drawing wealth and power into its orbit. Why then have efforts to strip away some of this power proved futile and what can be done to revive the capital’s image?

In his new book, Dr Jack Brown untangles the complex strands of anti-London rhetoric and feeling, separating hyperbole and emotion from fact and examining why successive governments have failed to redress the balance.

Dr Brown, a lecturer in London studies at King’s College London, offers a passionate but fair analysis of a centuries-old struggle, and a vision of a future in which the nation loves its capital once more.

To celebrate the release of the London Problem: What Britain Gets Wrong About Its Capital City, Dr Brown will be joined by Catherine McGuinness, policy chair at City of London Corporation, to discuss the book.

The event, supported by Haus Publishing and the Strand Group, is taking place on 27 April, from 18.00 – 19.15. You can register here.

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Lecturer in London Studies and London Partnerships Director