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02 March 2021

Wheatstone Lecture 2021: Sir Peter Knight - What's Quantum Technology?

Professor Sir Peter Knight delivered the 2021 Wheatstone Lecture on Quantum Technology.

Professor Sir Peter Knight delivering the Wheatstone Lecture 2021
Professor Sir Peter Knight delivering the Wheatstone Lecture 2021

The annual Wheatstone Lecture was recently hosted by the Department of Physics.

The lecture was delivered by Professor Sir Peter Knight, Senior Research Investigator and Emeritus Professor at Imperial College London. His talk was entitled ‘What’s Quantum Technology?’

Due to COVID-19 restrictions the event was held online for the first time, and the Department was delighted to have 450 participants.

Sir Peter is often described as one of the UK’s most influential scientists and leaders of scientific policy. In the lecture he explored plans to develop the next generation of quantum technologies  He explained that this includes commitments of over one billion pounds devoted to ensuring that advanced quantum science and demonstrator platforms in imaging, sensing, communications and computing will drive the formation of the Quantum Technology sector and embed this technology in a broad range of industries.

You can watch the lecture below.