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08 May 2019

Work by SSPP student featured in new book on Europe's future

Work by BA European Studies student Sam Hufton is featured in a new volume alongside distinguished academics, artists and activists.

Map of Europe
A map of Europe

Final year BA student Sam Hufton has had his work included in a new book on the future of Europe alongside distinguished academics, writers, politicians and artists including philosopher and linguist Noam Chomsky.

The book ‘A Vision for Europe’ outlines the thinking behind DiEM25, a grassroots movement founded in 2016 aimed at democratically transforming the European Union by 2025.  The volume sets out different ideas and concerns about the future of the European Union, Europe in general and its place in the contemporary world.

Sam, whose work on Open Democracy was previously published and promoted by DiEM25, said: “It was a pleasant surprise to be asked to write for the book alongside these far more distinguished academics, artists and activists, people whose opinions I highly respect and find much more convincing than my own.”

Sam who is an undergraduate in European Studies (German Pathway), is yet to decide on his future career path but is keen to ensure it involves continuing to observe and write about politics. He says his time at King’s has helped him towards this goal.

Dr Katrin Schreiter, lecturer in German and European studies, said: “We are very proud that Sam’s work has been included in this volume alongside so many notable thought leaders and it shows how being part of King’s equips you with the knowledge and critical tools to be at the heart of discussions about the major issues affecting our society today.”

It’s by studying Europe and the EU that I gained the confidence to write publicly about the state of its politics. Being published in an interdisciplinary volume on contemporary Europe seems fitting as an end to my four years on the course."

Sam Hufton, Final year BA student