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Adam Nicolaou

Senior Programme Officer (Student Experience)


Adam is providing maternity cover for the Senior Programme Officer (Student Experience) role in the Department of Informatics, at King's College London (from April 2024 to April 2025). Adam is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day delivery of student experience-related tasks in the Department for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes. This includes:

  • Oversee day-to-day workload of Programme Officers of student support/experience-related tasks
  • Organising induction, re-induction events and personal tutor allocations
  • Organising module selection and amendment processes.
  • Overseeing student engagement activities, such as supporting with organisation of events for UG & buddy schemes, and Student Societies Liaison, NSS & PTES communications, and Outstanding TA awards
  • Organising Student Staff Liaison Committee's & student rep recruitment for UG, PGT programmes
  • Overseeing interim feedback and end-of-module feedback survey processes
  • Organising the updating of Student Handbook and overseeing upkeep of KEATS module pages.
  • Overseeing Students of Concern (SoC) process
  • Overseeing Mitigating Circumstances form/requests – providing support regarding follow-ups due to potential SoC wellbeing/welfare concerns
  • Liaising with Disability Support and Faculty Safeguarding Officer including PEEPS, and overseeing distribution of KIPs to relevant staff
  • Organising visa compliance checks, and overseeing attendance monitoring, interruption of study monitoring
  • Managing minor student support-related complaints, and supporting Programme Officers when dealing with complex student support-related queries