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Adedoyin A Adefarakan

Mr Adedoyin A Adefarakan

PhD Student in Banking & Finance

Research interests

  • Banking & Finance


Research title: Financial Risk Management in Sustainable Finance: The Impact of Basel III Capital Requirements on Sustainable Investments and Lending in US Banks

Year of entry: 2023, Full-Time

Supervisors: Dr Alexia Ventouri, Professor Georgios Chortareas

Adedoyin 'Roy' Adefarakan is currently pursuing a PhD in Banking and Finance at King's College London, where his research is primarily focused on financial risk management, climate finance, and the integration of sustainable technology in venture capital.

With a solid academic background, Roy holds an MBA from Heriot-Watt University, a Master's in Banking and Finance from King's College London, and an MSc in Finance from the Cox Business School at Southern Methodist University. He also earned a distinction in Algorithmic Trading from the University of Oxford, showcasing his strong analytical skills.

Roy's commitment to advancing the field of sustainable finance is evident in his research work. Notably, he has published "Environmental Leadership for Climate Resilience," which examines the role of CEO environmental expertise in U.S. regional banks. This work highlights the importance of leadership and governance in shaping bank strategies towards climate change.

Professionally, Roy has a rich background in the financial sector, having worked as an Investment Consultant at Hampton Royal Capital Group and an Equity Research Analyst at McGowan Asset Management. He developed innovative econometric models and managed significant investment portfolios in these roles, demonstrating his proficiency in practical financial applications.

Outside his professional and academic pursuits, Roy is passionate about long-distance running, which reflects the resilience and focus he brings to every aspect of his life. He is also committed to mentoring the next generation, sharing his experience and insights to guide students and emerging professionals in the field of finance.

Roy remains dedicated to continuous learning and ethical practice in his journey through academia and finance. He aims to make a meaningful contribution to the financial sector, particularly in areas where financial practices intersect with societal and environmental well-being.

Adedoyin A Adefarakan's CV