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Aditi Narendra Pande

Aditi Narendra Pande

Postgraduate Student - Banking & Finance MSc


"I remember when I was applying for scholarship and wasn’t expecting I would get it as there were tons of people applying for the same. But when I received maximum scholarship, I was on cloud nine. I was so relieved about the fee reduction through scholarship as the original fee would have been too much to pay.

As far as my experience in King’s is concerned, I have done a plain BCom (Bachelor in Commerce) in India from a prestigious university. And I directly enrolled for a core banking and finance course. At first, I was so concerned about how I was going to study such a difficult course. When I first started with the course, people around me were elder to me, with few years of experience in the field and great knowledge of the same. It gave me utter stress as of how I would cope up with all of this. But then as the days passed by my professors, my personal tutor and the entire King’s facilities supported me throughout.

I was so glad about the support I got throughout my course. Not just academically but also personally. I am grateful for the advanced knowledge I received through this course and made me feel confident because of the gain of knowledge. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to King's College for this transformative experience."