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Dr Alan Metcalfe

Research Associate


I completed my PhD at the Edith Cowan University Australia, where I investigated the performance analysis of power output in professional male road cyclists. I then moved to Germany for the start of my postdoctoral work at German Sports University with Prof Philipp Zimmer. I worked on two projects 1) effect of Kynurenine pathway in active runners and 2) a Horizon2020 Funded project investigating the exercise and fatigue in breast cancer patients to improve quality of life. Then, I worked at Two Peaks Endurance GmbH, Fϋssen in the development of an endurance sports coaching start-up company as lead sports scientist.

My research interests are primarily focused on applied human physiology in response to endurance exercise and fatigue. At Kings, I am currently responsible for performing a suite of physiological outcome measures designed to understand fatigue, breathlessness and physical activity in people with Long COVID symptoms who have been recruited to the Balance-ACT clinical trial.