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Alejandro M Ramirez Mancebo

Alejandro M Ramirez Mancebo

Engineering Laboratory Facilities Manager


Alejandro is the primary point of contact for all queries related to Laboratories Facilities in the whole of the Department of Engineering. This includes:

  • Providing technical expertise to deliver facilities management across all laboratory-based activities for experimental research and undergraduate laboratories in a fast-growing and expanding department.
  • Contributing to and implementing high-level decision-making regarding the physical delivery of expanding laboratory-based experimental research and teaching facilities understanding the expectations, needs, and timescales of researchers, academics and students.
  • Working closely with the Technical Services Manager, to ensure that Facilities and safety support and development for Engineering research and teaching is delivered.
  • Contributing to the design of new and refurbished experimental teaching and research laboratories within the department, particularly with regards to safety issues.
  • Managing the maintenance, repairs, statutory compliance testing and documentation of all departmental experimental fixed and movable assets.
  • Working with the Departmental Safety Officer to co-ordinate and improve all health and safety documentation on Departmental SharePoint site.
  • Working collaboratively with academic and research colleagues, technicians, engineers, designers, and contractors.

Alejandro previously worked in the Faculty of Dentistry as a Bio-materials Laboratory Technician and is a Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineer working towards the Chartership in the IMECHE.