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Alessandro  Maffei

Mr Alessandro Maffei

Research Fellow


Alessandro is a Biomedical Engineer from Italy, working as visiting research scientist in the Centre for Oral, Clinical & Translational Sciences in the Di Silvio and Coward Lab. His research is based on the 3D printing process applied in the biomedical field, especially for bone tissue engineering purposes and functionalization of biomaterial surfaces for the promotion of enhanced cellular response and improved integration. He is currently working on 3D printing of PEEK using a novel method for manufacturing of craniofacial implants, 3D printing of silicon for silicon prosthesis, 3D bioprinting for tissue engineering and micropatterning of PDMS surface for the specification of iPSCs. His previous research, carried out at University of Padova (Italy) assessed the effect of the functionalization of an electrospun PCL matrix with adhesive peptides.