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My research group focuses on the cell biology of the neuron during ageing and neurodegeneration, with particular emphasis on the intricate relationship between intracellular trafficking and neuronal function. The lab is particularly fascinated by the transport of organelles and vesicles in the axons of neurons and our aim is to understand how regulatory nodes of this process can affect neuronal homeostasis during ageing. With time, we have also developed a strong interest in understanding how neuronal trafficking is spatially regulated within cells. Our belief is that a better understanding of the spatio-temporal regulation of neuronal trafficking is crucial to dissect the mechanisms leading to ageing and neurodegeneration. We are currently combining in vivo approaches in Drosophila melanogaster with studies in cultured mammalian neurons and Drosophila cells.

Please see my Research Staff Profile for more detail.

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Key Collaborators:

  • Professor Giampietro Schiavo, University College London & Dementia Research Institute
  • Prof Deepak Srivastava and Dr George Chennell, Wohl Cellular Imaging Centre
  • Professor Klaus Suhling, King's College London
  • Dr Tito Calì, University of Padova.