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Alexandra Afia Von Ow is a PhD student in the African Leadership Centre at King's. Growing up,  Alexandra was exposed to two worlds that could not have been more contrasting. Being both Swiss and Kenyan, her family would spend one half of the year in Nairobi and the other in Zurich. Having to pass people living in extreme poverty on our doorstep was very disturbing to say the least. This rift between rich and poor and the fact that she was spared from hardship sparked a passionate interest for all issues that seek to promote sustainable and inclusive global development.

Alexandra went to study law and economics to gain a clearer view of the global arena. Thereafter, she worked in the private, the public and the non-profit sector. She lived in Ghana and Kenya where she undertook research and monitoring for NGOs before working in Geneva for the Africa Progress Panel , chaired by the late UN Secretary General Kofi Annan. Later, Alexandra became an independent consultant on sustainable development, advising the World Health Organization, the Ghanian Government, and the University of St. Gallen along with others.

'I feel it is a responsibility for all world citizens to be part of solution-seeking for our common challenges. Based on my experience, I know that increment instability is one of them, especially in the African region. But then, what defines stable peace? And what is required to sustain peaceful stability? Getting to the bottom of these matters is what I need to do right now.'

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