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Mr Alexandre Pereira

  • PhD students

PhD Student

Research subject areas

  • Policy and society
  • Geography


Alexandre Pereira started his PhD at the Brazil Institute in September 2012. His research examines the issue of solid waste management in large urban centres in the developing world.

During the last decade, Brazil and India have experienced rapid economic growth leading to exponentially high rates of urbanization and raised levels in living standards, resulting in rapid increases in the generation of solid waste. Consequently, municipal governments in most cities in these developing economies have struggled to provide even basic waste-collection services for their inhabitants. In addition, both countries face the problematic issue of an increasing proportion of the population scraping a living from waste. These ‘waste-pickers’, or informal waste collectors, play an important role in the recycling of various materials, even though most are invisible within official statistics.

Pereira is working on a joint research project between the King’s Brazil and India Institutes, which will undertake a comparative analysis of the solid-waste management policies, practices and impacts in both nations. The research aims to understand how different political models affect this marginalised social group, namely the waste-pickers working in recyclable materials. Additionally, this analysis may contribute to the exchange of experiences between these two countries, and also to the advancement of relevant public policies in other developing countries.


Nov 2012 - ‘Issues Relating to the Problem of Waste in the City of São Paulo, Brazil.’ Venice2012, Italy (Abstract approved for Poster).

Sep 2012 - ‘Estudo comparativo sobre o gerenciamento de resíduos sólidos municipais e reciclagem entre as cidades de São Paulo e Londres.’ ENANPPAS, Pará, Brazil (Abstract approved for Oral Presentation).

July 2012 – ‘Issues Relating to the Recovery of Waste Resources in the City of São Paulo, Brazil.’ Waste Management Journal, Elsevier (Work under review).

May 2012 – ‘Issues Relating to the Problem of Waste in the City of São Paulo, Brazil.’ SUM2012, Bergamo, Italy. Oral Presentation

Mar 2012 – ‘Estudo comparativo do gerenciamento municipal de resíduos e processos de reciclagem em São Paulo e Londres.’ Revista Conexão Academia, Abrelpe, Brazil (In press).

Feb 2012 – ‘Dilemmas of Municipal Solid Waste Management in São Paulo, Brazil.’ Waste Management Journal (Elsevier), Column A Glance at the World. (Work under review).

Oct 2011 - Third International Congress of Brazilian Researchers in the UK / ABEP - poster

Educational background

Starting September Sep 2012 - PhD at King’s College London

2010 – 2011 - MSc in Environmental Politics and Globalisation at King’s College London

2007 – 2010 - MBA in Environmental Management and Technologies, Poli/University of São Paulo, Brazil

1997 – 2003 - Graduate degree in Architecture and Urban Planning, Anhembi-Morumbi University, São Paulo, Brazil

1987 – 1991 - Graduate degree in Industrial Design, Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP), São Paulo, Brazi