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Alice Smith

Alice Smith

Expert in Residence, Sales

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Experienced sales coach and leader Alice Smith is part of the Expert in Residence team at the Entrepreneurship Institute (EI), leading on Sales.

As an Expert in Residence, Alice supports student, staff and alumni founded ventures in the EI community in areas including:

  • Value proposition
  • Buyer persona
  • The sales process
  • Cold outreach – getting pitch-perfect, agonising over every word and optimising LinkedIn
  • Question asking – the art of conversation and effective prospect discovery
  • Humanising objection handling
  • Negotiation – turning might buys into must buys
  • Navigating the decision-making process and stakeholder management
  • Pipeline management and deal analysis
  • Sales recruitment processes – who, what, when and how to hire
  • Structuring (and scaling) a sales function
  • Commission structures
  • Understanding sales and marketing metrics – harnessing data to identify sales blockers and drive growth
  • Sales tech stack
  • Account management best practices
  • De-risking the client onboarding process – de-risking the first 12 months!
  • Client happiness and retention