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Allison Koh

Dr Allison Koh

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Contact details


I am a computational political scientist interested in exploring contentious politics in the digital age. My research examines how nondemocratic governments and other adversarial political actors use digital technologies to curtail transnational information ecosystems in their favor. Additionally, I investigate uses of social media for political advocacy.

I joined the Department of Political Economy as a postdoctoral research associate in 2023 and earned my PhD from the Hettie School in Berlin. Parts of my dissertation Platformed Power Plays: Authoritarian Adaptations in Foreign Social Media Spaces were funded by NYU’s Center for Social Media and Politics.

You can visit my website here.

Research interests

  • Global authoritarianism
  • Human rights advocacy
  • Contentious politics
  • Social media
  • Platform governance
  • Computational social science 


Koh, Allison, Daniel Boey, and Hannah Béchara. 2021. “Predicting Policy Domains from Party Manifestos with BERT and Convolutional Neural Networks.” In Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Computational Linguistics for Political Text Analysis, Düsseldorf, Germany.