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Dr Allison Ross

International Tutor


Dr Allison Ross began her studies in South Africa where she studied both Life Sciences and the Arts. She completed her studies in the UK as a Commonwealth Scholar and graduated from Leeds University with a PhD in Philosophy (specialisation: Ethics). She taught Philosophy at Leeds and then Roehampton Universities before moving to The Centre for Professional Ethics at Keele University where she taught medical ethics, ethics in Social Work and ethics of criminal justice. She has also done extensive ad hoc teaching on the MA in Medical Ethics and Law at KCL Law School. Her publications include: 2010 (with Nafsika Athanassoulis) ‘The Social Nature of Engineering and its Implications for Risk-Taking’. Science and Engineering Ethics Volume 16 (1), 147-168 2010 (with Nafsika Athanassoulis) ‘A Virtue Ethical Account of Making Decisions about Risk’ Journal of Risk Reasearch, Volume 13(2) 217-230 2012 (with Nafsika Athanassoulis) ‘Virtue Ethics and Risk’ in Handbook of Risk Theory (ed S. Roeser) Springer 2012 (with Nafsika Athanassoulis) ‘Luck and Risk in Medical Ethics’ in Reconceiving Medical Ethics: an anthology (Ed. Christopher Cowley) Continuum Publishing 2014 (with Nafsiks Athanassoulis) ‘The Role of Research Ethics Committees in making decisions about risk’ HEC Forum volume 26, pages203–224. She has a particular interests in the just distribution of health and healthcare and in decision-making in healthcare contexts where the decisions concerned involve risk (especially third-party risk). At Kings she is responsible for the day-to day running of study-abroad course 'Health and Society' along with Professor Anne Stephenson.