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Amjed Rasheed 540

Dr Amjed Rasheed

Lecturer in Defence Studies

  • Fellow at the Institute of Middle Eastern Studies

Research interests

  • Conflict
  • Security
  • Politics
  • History


Amjed is currently working as a Lecturer in Defence Studies (Assistant Professor) in the Defence Studies Department. He earned his PhD from Durham University's School of Government and International Affairs in 2017, focusing on the role of leaders in shaping foreign policy, with a specific emphasis on Iraq and Syria.

Before his tenure at King's College, Amjed held academic positions at Tübingen University's Institute of Political Science from 2020 to 2021 and at Lancaster University’s Department of Politics, Philosophy, and Religion from 2022 to 2023. In addition, he served as the Hillary Rodham Clinton Fellow at Queen’s University Belfast's School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy, and Politics from 2022 to 2023.


  • PhD in politics, Durham University (2017)
  • Master of Research in International Affairs, University of Glasgow (2012)
  • Master of Art in International Peace Studies, University for Peace (Costa Rica, 2009)
  • BA in Political Science, Mosul University (Iraq, 2005)

Research Interests

  • War and Peace Studies
  • International Relations and Foreign Policy Analysis
  • West Asia and North Africa, WANA (Middle East) politics and international relations

Amjed is currently participating in various interdisciplinary research initiatives focused on China’s growing influence in the WANA region, foreign and defence policies, as well as research related to PVE (Preventing Violent Extremism).

He accepts PhD applications in any of the aforementioned research themes.



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  • Beaujouan, J. and Rasheed, A (Eds). (2020). Syrian Crisis, Syrian Refugees. Voices from Jordan and Lebanon. Palgrave Pivot.

Book chapters

Journal Articles

  • Rasheed, A. (Autumn 2023). The Political Economy of Sino-North Africa Relations. Afriche e Orienti (Special Issue)
  • Rasheed, A. Beaujouan, J. (2022). Investigating the role of religious institutions in the prevention of violent extremism in Nineveh province, Iraq. Journal of Deradicalisation 32: 76–109.
  • Rasheed, A. and al-Eshaq, S. (2022). The ‘David’ in a Divided Gulf: Qatar's Foreign Policy and the 2017 Gulf Crisis. Middle East Policy 29 (2): 30–45.
  • Rasheed, A. (2022). The Narrative of the Rise of China and Authoritarianism in the Global South: The Case of Egypt. International Spectator 57 (2): 68–84.
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