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Amy Chu

Amy Chu

PhD Student in Strategy, International Management & Entrepreneurship

Research interests

  • Strategy, International Management and Entrepreneurship

Contact details


Project Title: Developing Entrepreneurial Identities as Musicians: Contexts and Identity Conflicts

Supervisors: Dr Andreana Drencheva, Dr Anna Rebmann

Year of Entry: 2022, Full-time

Amy Chu is a PhD student for Strategy, International Management and Entrepreneurship at King’s Business School. Her thesis focuses on how musicians develop entrepreneurial identities through contexts, and how they balance the conflicts between creative and economic values. The research aims to contribute to current theories on how entrepreneurial identities are developed through individual and sociocultural context. Practically, it aims to help musicians to balance their conflicting identities, hence improve their performance and mental health, as well as offering strategies for organisations to improve current support mechanisms for musicians and other artists under different contexts.

She graduated with first class honour in Business Management BSc from the University of London, and studied Strategic Entrepreneurship and Innovation MSc at King’s Business School. Prior to joining King's, she worked for numbers of start-ups and entrepreneurs in creative industries in the UK.