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Dr An Nguyen

Lecturer in Human Resource Management

Research interests

  • Human Resource Management


An Nguyen is a Lecturer in Human Resource Management at King's Business School. 

She is a mixed-methods researcher, interested in using quantitative, qualitative and machine learning techniques to conduct research in HRM, Education Policy and Human Capital Development in global contexts. As an experienced educator, she has led large modules, flipped classroom learning, dissertation supervision and tutorials in Human Resource Management at UK universities in both online and face-to-face delivery.

She is keen to experiment with new methods of teaching and learning, building student and staff partnership activities, and sharing her knowledge through her academic blogs, YouTube channel and an upcoming Podcast station.

Before joining King's, she taught and conducted research at School of Management, Coventry University (London Campus). Her PhD focuses on Business Education and Human Capital Development. She did a BSc in International Relations at the LSE, an MA in Education at UCL, and a PhD in Education Policy at the Open University.She has extensive work and consultancy experience with corporations, NGOs, ed-tech, and universities in India, China, Vietnam, and the UK. She can speak Chinese Mandarin and Vietnamese.

For the latest information regarding her research papers, publications, academic engagements (including external presentations, media appearances, editorial roles, and refereeing services), teaching history, and professional background, please refer to An's personal website