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Andro Mathewson

Andro Mathewson

PhD Candidate


Andro Mathewson is PhD candidate in War Studies at Kings College London and a research officer at the HALO Trust, focusing on the conflict in Ukraine. He completed his master’s degree in international relations at the University of Edinburgh where he explored the proliferation of underwater drones. Before that, he was a research fellow at Perry World House at the University of Pennsylvania, where he received his Bachelor in Arts in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics and German. Andro has published with The Modern Warfare Institute at West Point, The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, The National Interest, the Journal on Conventional Weapons Destruction, and contributed to numerous other papers.


Research interests

  • Emerging capabilities
  • Military technology
  • Modern warfare
  • NATO - Russia relations
  • Russo - Ukrainian war

Andro’s research lies at the nexus of the proliferation and use of emerging military capabilities and modern warfare, with a primary focus on the Russo-Ukrainian War and unmanned technologies. Beyond his main research focus, Andro also engages in research on naval warfare, the overlap of conservation and conflict, and Arctic strategy.


Supervisors: Dr. Jack McDonald, Dr. Hassan Elbahtimy



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