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Aniruddha Saha

Aniruddha Saha

PhD Candidate


Aniruddha Saha holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Communication Studies from Manipal University. He was also awarded a DAAD scholarship during his undergraduate years to study for an exchange semester at Hochschule Bremen in Germany. From 2017 to 2018, he read for an International Relations MA degree at the Department of War Studies, King’s College London as a Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and Dr. Duncan Anderson scholar. Aniruddha attained an overall distinction, along with a high distinction in his master’s dissertation titled, “The North Korea-US nuclear affair of securitisation: An analysis of norms from 2003 to 2017.”


Aniruddha has also worked with the Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Observer Research Foundation (ORF), and the Centre for Studies in International Relations and Development (CSIRD). Currently, his PhD research is being funded by a King’s International Postgraduate Research Scholarship and has an estimated completion in 2023. Aniruddha’s doctoral research has also received support from the British Society for the History of Science, the Royal Historical Society, and the Gilbert Murray Trust. As part of his teaching experience, Aniruddha has/is also currently serving as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at KCL. His contribution to teaching has also been recognised through an Associate Fellowship from the Advance Higher Education in the United Kingdom. 


Research interests

  • Theories in international relations: Knowledge building through interpretivism (the intersection of constructivist and international sociological approaches, in particular)
  • Securitisation and norms: Ontological and nuclear approaches to security, identity construction, hierarchies and stigmatisation


Thesis title and abstract

Interpreting Norms and Stigma: The India-US Nuclear Relationship from 1974 to 2008

By combining and as well as drawing from recent normative approaches in nuclear, constructivist, and critical constructivist research, my work uses an interdisciplinary lens to study the political sociology of deviant behavior in nuclear politics. In particular, it looks at how India’s deviant identity and nuclear relationship with the US moved towards gradual normalisation, post the former’s 1974 nuclear test.




  • Saha, A. 2022. “Nuclear Stigma and Deviance in Global Governance: A New Research Agenda,” International Studies Quarterly, 66(3): sqac055. doi:10.1093/isq/sqac055.
  • Saha, A. 2022. “Addressing the Norms Gap in International Security Through the India-US Nuclear Relationship,” India Review, 21(2): 216-248. doi:10.1080/14736489.2022.2080488.
  • Saha, A. 2019. “The India-Israeli Security Relationship: Nature, Scope and Challenges,” Strategic Analysis (online), 1-13. doi: 10.1080/09700161.2020.1700000.

Other publications

  • Saha, A. 2022. “After the India-US Civil Nuclear Agreement: Assessing India’s Responsible Nuclear Status in Global Governance,” Focus Asia: Perspective and Analysis, The Institute for Security and Development Policy, 1-10. Available at:
  • Saha, A. 2022. “CAATSA or no CAATSA: India Needs Time to Leave Russia’s Side,” March 11, South Asian Voices (Stimson Center). Available at:
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Aniruddha's Pure page


Aniruddha is part of the following research groups:

  • Centre for Science and Security Studies
  • International Relations and Ethics Research Theme
  • Research Centre in International Relations
  • Sir Michael Howard Centre for the History of War