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Anisha Kubasik Thayil

Dr Anisha Kubasik Thayil

Microscopy Innovation Centre - Deputy Manager


Anisha has several years of research experience in various optical microscopy techniques. She obtained PhD (Physics) in 2009 from ICFO-The Institute of Photonic Sciences, Barcelona for her research in the area of multiphoton microscopy and immunosensing under the supervision of Prof Pablo Loza-Alvarez and Dr Silvia Soria. Anisha then moved to UK as a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Oxford where she contributed to the development of Adaptive Harmonic Generation microscopy in Prof Martin Booth and Prof Tony Wilson’s lab. She spent one year as a research fellow at the University of St Andrews, working in the field of photoporation and optical tweezers in Prof Kishan Dholakia’s lab. In 2014, Anisha joined the University of Edinburgh as an Imaging Facility Manager at the Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences where she managed a multiuser microscopy research facility providing imaging and image analysis support. Anisha joined King's College London, Microscopy Innovation Centre (MIC) as a Deputy Manager in 2023.