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Ann Marie Wicherek

Ann Marie Wicherek

Lecturer in Medical Ethics & Law Education

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I co-lead the subject of Medical Ethics & Law in the medical undergraduate curriculum at GKT, working on the design, delivery, and development of the subject in discrete and integrated settings, as well as to assessment. I joined King’s as a Senior Teaching Fellow in October 2017 and transferred to the Academic Education Pathway in October 2021. Teaching Medical Ethics & Law is my second career, following a career at the Bar spanning 17 years in total, and then a Master’s in Medical Ethics & Law at King’s in 2009. As a barrister, I started with a mixed common law practice and then specialised in Family Law. I was a founder member of Chambers in its present form as a specialist Family Law set (1GC Family Law, 10, Lincoln’s Inn Fields), a busy practitioner, and also a Pupil Master, Head of the Pupillage Committee, and Head of Mediation. I remain a Door Tenant in Chambers, having ceased to practise for family reasons and in order to pursue academic interests. My experience at the Bar, in advising and representing clients in court, leadership in Chambers, dispute resolution, and student learning and welfare, has been an excellent platform for my subsequent roles in teaching and various connected activities. Since 2018, I have been a member of the Clinical Ethics Advisory Group at St. Thomas’s Hospital, which provides advisory support to doctors faced with clinical care decisions involving challenging ethical issues : This is a voluntary activity outside my employment at King’s. I represent Medical Education at King’s in the Group, and am engaged in case discussions, learning opportunities, and discussions of topics of ethical/legal interest as they arise. I was also part of the Group created specifically to provide extra support for clinicians during the Covid-19 pandemic.